Gresakm 08 July 2024 00:05 13
Oyuncu - Gresakm


  • The minimum amount for a bounty has been increased to $15,000
  • Player reward validity period reduced to 30 minutes
  • Added to the tab that a player has a reward
  • The player is in combat mode for the duration of the reward
  • Increased the number of credits from daily rewards
  • Removed obsolete PVP on/off item from /settings
  • In mining worlds, you can now choke in a block
  • Added Nether mining world
  • Added LiveKit for VIP players (phone app with live map and chat)
  • Fishing rods made more expensive
  • Added current biome to the scoreboard
  • Accelerated changes in seasons
  • Added button to /sellfish to sell all fish in inventory and /fishingbag
  • Fishing contests will also start with 1 player on the server
  • Land level requirement for nation creation has been removed
08 July 2024 00:05
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