New web forums and changes in discussion organization

CZghost 02 June 2024 10:25 23
Oyuncu - CZghost
Admin Web Admin

We decided to make a few changes in diskussion organization on Discord and move important parts to the websites and our new web forums. Discord is no longer a priority spot for discussion, it's just an extension for a more live chat.

Changes we made:

  • Ticket system on Discord is cancelled, prioritizing only website ones.
  • Suggestions on Discord are cancelled, the ones on our websites are better, transparent, and you are able to edit your suggestions in case you need.
  • Announcements are going to be prioritized to the websites. Discord announcements are going to be reduced.
  • Changelogs are completely migrating to web forums.
  • New web forums now has categories in which players can discuss their game related things (buying or selling lands, services; show and tell of your builds, items, money; memes, etc.)
02 June 2024 10:25
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